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We have been working closely with some very like-minded people to try and close some gaps in supply and technology. We have been lucky enough to form some very valuable relationships with suppliers and developers of niche products for our field. Due to the nature of our business we have proven time and time again to be able to test products to their limits.

This page is currently a temporary landing page for contact and distribution direction. We are working on an E-Store as we speak for products that will interest the IT & WiSP Fields. More to come shortly!

Distribution Partners

Tachyon Networks

Get fiber-like speeds using the virtually noise-free 60GHz band, installed in minutes.

Over 2Gbps and distances of up to 1 km can be achieved without trenching, permits, or licenses – all with quick and easy aiming using 3-D beamforming. Also, since most applications have asymmetrical bandwidth requirements, Tachyon Networks’ designs maximize single-direction throughput. Compare the performance of the TNA-30x product family to the competition and see for yourself.


3-D beamforming makes installation easy


Point your TNA-302 client anywhere within the 40° azimuth and 40° elevation scanning range, and it will automatically create a directional beam to your TNA-301 access point.

Install links in minutes, instead of hours.


*Please note, these products are only available to the WiSP industry and Qualified Installers until further notice.